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Most Frequently Encounter Problems when renting housings

by reachhome on 2017年10月27日
Most Frequently Encounter Problems when renting housings

Most Frequently Encounter Problems
(continuous updates)


As we enter the autumn and the weather in Shanghai becomes colder, the rental market in Shanghai moves in a similar fashion, gradually declining. Due to our vast experience at Flatshanghai, we recommend this as a great opportunity to go home hunting as some of the best deals can be found now, before the cold sets in and outdoor visitations become more uncomfortable.

Most Frequently Encounter Problems when renting housings

Today in this article we want to highlight some of the most common problems encountered during the selection by our customers that are worth noting.


Common questions and problems encountered in the rental industry in Shanghai.


1. How far in advance should I start to find apartment in shanghai

Start a month before, better with two month in advance, even if you are familiar with Shanghai. If you are not familiar with Shanghai, we suggest that you first open up our website and get familiar with the various housing types, districts and other aspects involving houses in Shanghai first. When you find appropriate housing that are of interest to you, simply send us an online inquiry to arrange a tour of selected housing.


2.What are the most common types of housing available in the Shanghai rental market?

There are many housing types available, you can choose a downtown apartment or old house; move a bit further out to Pudong or Hongqiao to find villas. The exact requirements should match your housing budgets, workplace locations, schools needs for children and other criteria. The easiest way is to convey your exact needs to our consultants and they will work tirelessly to match the perfect housing for you according to your requirements.


Most Frequently Encounter Problems when renting housings

3.When I move into a new home do I require to register myself to the nearby police station (Temporary residence registration)

Yes it is the law that all foreigners are required to register their address within 24 hours. Furthermore the registration is required for many documentation including any visa extensions (except tourists visa).


4.Will the housing come furnished?

The majority of the available housing in Shanghai is furnished or if it is particularly new or newly renovated, it may be empty and the landlord may even allow you to choose some of the furniture. Unfurnished places will be marked as unfurnished, but it is extremely rare.

If some of the furniture is rather old and you would like to change them, it is recommended to discuss this before the signing of the rental contract, as most negotiations take before the signing not after and most landlords will be unwilling to reconsider their stances. Simply notify our consultants if you are unhappy with any aspects and let them do the negotiations.

Most Frequently Encounter Problems when renting housings

The above 5 questions and problems are some of the most common ones we encounter in the industry, but does not even come close to listing all the possible situations. We will continuously update this list with potential questions and solutions, to help you find housing with more ease.



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